Mrs. Jesus and the Zombie Gnostics: Part 2


Zombie GnosticsPart2

Mrs. Jesus and the Zombie Gnostics: Part 2

About a year and a half ago I penned a post regarding the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. Like most of these sorts of sensationalized reports about discoveries that will rock Christianity to its core, the reporting on the subject was far more absurd than the actual claims being set forth by the researcher in…

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Why I Hate Your Church

Wherein the author plants his tongue somewhat firmly in his cheek and rants about an amalgam of experiences, because that is what the internet is made for. I can’t pray in church any more. It was one of those things that I discovered had subtly happened. This sort of thing doesn’t just slap you in…

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The Hunger

Aside from snarky Oh, Wonka memes or mocking manipulations of mass media marketing (with an obviously healthy does of alliteration thrown in for aesthetics), I am often reticent about offering commentary on much of the current cultural unpleasantness. After all, the incredibly profound and deeply thought out conversation one sees on Facebook about hot button…

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The Road Less Traveled

We all grow up in one way or another, even if it’s only physically. Yet with any luck we as rational beings grow in our utilization of that rationality in some proportion to our increase in stature, and perhaps with a lot of effort may far surpass it. I’m not sure if this is a…

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One way to ensure (or at least greatly contribute to) marital bliss is to frequently employ that most effective of weapons, the Date Night. Love may cover a multitude of sins, but Date Night can cover over the myriad annoyances, bouts of forgetfulness, and simple obliviousness that assaults most men in their attempts to find…

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Taking it Personally


Christian history is littered with theological controversies, and oftentimes moderns find this hard to fathom. The at-times bitter disputes are perceived in retrospect as theological hair-splitting at best, partisan war-mongering at worst. Are not these types of disagreements too esoteric to become excised about? Why risk disunity over abstractions? I’ve always found this sort of…

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Infinite VisionBlog

Infinite Vision

The other day I was watching a tutorial video for After Effects, and I become intrigued with the hosts other work. He had created a video about the meaning of the term ‘nano,’ and the essence of the piece was to use different sized things to demonstrate the sense of scale. Beginning with a single…

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The Problem With ScroogeBlog

The Problem With Scrooge

Some time ago I came across an interesting article/thought experiment which considered Ebenezer Scrooge within the categories of the then blossoming Occupy Wall Street movement. The essence of this article- Scrooge: The First 1 Percenter- was this: Scrooge, before he became “enlightened,” was already doing more to help his fellow man than any of the…

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Rest Easy

If there is anything characteristic of modern life, it is our unending sense of busy-ness. I find myself stating far too often that ‘I have been so busy lately,’ and most of those I talk to can easily commiserate. We fashion our lives around the things we do and the tasks we must complete, a…

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Theology of the Body: Part 4: How To Be Naked

Thus far the understanding of man’s original experience ‘in the beginning’ has perhaps felt a little dry and disconnected, for we are usually not accustomed to think in such a fashion about what I would call the primordial solidarity that we all share by virtue of being human. And to be sure, thinking about man’s…

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Theology of the Body: Part 3

Man’s original solitude is a starting point for understanding the theology of the body, and JP II sees in it and the corresponding words of Genesis 2 (“it is not good that the man should be alone”) a sort of “prelude” to the creation of the woman and the ‘original unity’ of man as male…

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Theology of the Body: Part 2

After looking at the somewhat paradoxical relationship between the two situations of historical man- that of original innocence and his subsequent fallen-ness- JP II drew out an even deeper link between the situation of fallen-ness and the mystery of redemption that is inherent to historical man in and of himself, both objectively as being created…

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Theology of the Body: Part 1

John Paul II (JP II) launches into his Theology of the Body by means of Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees about the grounds for divorce. In this well known passage Jesus, instead of taking sides in an intra-religious squabble over competing rabbinic interpretations, rather looks further back than the law of Moses, to the very…

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Theology of the Body: Introduction

Books can have a profound influence on our lives, molding how we think and the ways in which we approach the world. As someone who enjoys reading, I could name dozens of such works, but one that always seems to rise to the top is John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them: A…

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Riches of Iniquity

 Two Sundays ago the Gospel reading was the parable of the Unjust Steward, perhaps Jesus’ most challenging and enigmatic parable of all. The reason for this is that while the narrative of the parable itself is straightforward enough, the application Jesus gives seems, at first blush, completely contrary to the type of thing one would…

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The Path of Least Resistance

Near the end of A Man for All Seasons, Thomas More has been languishing in prison for months, held for his refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of King Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne Boleyn and his refusal to swear assent to the Act of Supremacy, which effectively made Henry head of the Church in England….

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Diseased DoctorsBlog

Diseased Doctors

  Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check. (James 3:1-2 NIV) For there must…

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Snakes and Sins

I have always thought that Moses had to have lived one of the most interesting lives of any human being in all of human history. To recap a few highlights: He took a ride in a  basket as an infant, was raised in a royal palace, discovered he was of slave stock, killed a guy…

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A Kingdom of Eunuchs

If there is one thing that modern American Christianity is good at, it would most certainly be the cliché. Whether in the sheer banality of most of our aesthetic choices (how many crosses and doves can we possibly use!), the four worn-out chords that carry the majority of our music (easy fix- just add more…

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Everyone A Judas

The Emperor of the kingdom dolorous From his mid-breast forth issued from the ice; And better with a giant I compare Than do the giants with those arms of his; Consider now how great must be that whole, Which unto such a part conforms itself. Were he as fair once, as he now is foul,…

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An Apology for Hell

Hell is a vexing topic whenever it is mentioned, assuming it is ever mentioned at all. In my experience I have noticed a markedly decreased frequency in its usage, at least in any serious sense, for most of the references I currently hear are more in jest, either the concept itself or towards those for…

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Complacent Love

Our love, being imperfect, is always flitting from object to object, restless and unstable in its affection. And while it is easy to ridicule the lack of precision with which we use the term and the innumerable objects to which we attach it, there is a certain measure of truth to saying we love puppies…

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Careful Now

In modern American Christianity there is a somewhat troubling trend to view doubt as some kind of virtue. I’m not entirely sure from whence it arises, but the general thrust of the notion is that dogmatism and blind belief have wrought so much damage- both individually and corporately- that perhaps the only antidote to our…

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Nobody KnowsBlog

Nobody Knows

The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know, or so the aphorism goes. Since we are not angels but mortals, our knowledge is mediated through our senses and gained through a discursive process; we do not intellectually perceive anything apart from the object from which idea is abstracted and drawn forth. Were…

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Columns and CudgelsBlog

Columns and Cudgels

Some ideas become ubiquitous rather quickly, even if they have a less than substantial basis in reality. This is true in all arenas of thought, but is perhaps most pernicious in all things religious. The still rather large niche market of what I could only term pop-culture American Christianity is especially susceptible to this problem,…

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Wine and WeddingsBlog

Wine & Weddings

I am frequently befuddled by some of the accounts in the Gospels. More specifically, the editorial decisions made by some of the writers so as to include this or exclude that. I know, I know, if only they had had me around to make some suggestions… Actually, they would have probably been a lot longer,…

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Get What You Want!

One of the struggles we all face is knowing what the heck we should do with our lives. The myriad opportunities and choices we face can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the big questions: What career should I pursue? Whom should I marry? Should I take that job and move to a different…

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Learning Theology With Carmina Gadelica: Christ

Part One: The Trinity The sense of Trinitartian nearness that exists in the Carmina Gadelica is further accentuated by a special closeness to Christ. For while the the triunity of God is just how God is in eternity, the missional relations in salvation history allow finite beings their connection to this surpassing mystery of wonder…

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2nd Century Worship Evaluation

In response to a request from a friend, I wanted to contrast modern Christian worship as it might look in present-day America with that of the perspective of an ancient Christian viz-a-viz worship. But rather than merely grab at the low-hanging fruit of a straight up contrast or even a stab at satire, I thought…

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Empty Pots

We all desire something. Sometimes we can describe it in great detail, as when we hunger or thirst; a lemonade would hit the spot, or probably an ice cream cone. (Actually, always an ice cream cone!) But other times our desires are more nebulous, and perhaps there is some interior aching that no one else…

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