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Christian MythstoryEaster2

Christian Mythstory: Easter Part 2

A couple years ago I took a look at the ‘Christian Mythstory’ of the pagan roots of Easter, demonstrating such a notion to be bogus. In the intervening time I have revisited this post and had some additional thoughts which I thought might warrant further consideration. A brief recap- the ‘Easter is pagan’ mythstory takes...

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Why I Hate Your Church

Wherein the author plants his tongue somewhat firmly in his cheek and rants about an amalgam of experiences, because that is what the internet is made for. I can’t pray in church any more. It was one of those things that I discovered had subtly happened. This sort of thing doesn’t just slap you in...

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Dialing It Up

I would be remiss if I did not begin this post with an important caveat. Fisking is a fun business, to be sure, and all the more so the lower the fruit hangs. Granted, sometimes the challenge is lessened, but certainly not the enjoyment. This mea culpa on my part complete, I offer the caveat...

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The Hunger

Aside from snarky Oh, Wonka memes or mocking manipulations of mass media marketing (with an obviously healthy does of alliteration thrown in for aesthetics), I am often reticent about offering commentary on much of the current cultural unpleasantness. After all, the incredibly profound and deeply thought out conversation one sees on Facebook about hot button...

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